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15 Day Diet Guide

The 15 Day Diet Guide (Di.et) Can You Really Lose 15 Pounds in 15 Days?

The 15 diet plan is one of the best and most versatile diet guides that will help you lose 15 pounds in two weeks. There are no gimmicks, just an easy guide that will help you lose weight fast. If you struggle with trying to lose weight you are not alone. Dieting sucks! The minute you make up your mind to lose a few pounds the food cravings begin.

What is the 15 Day Diet Guide?

Have you ever asked yourself how do fitness models stay in shape? Sure they exercise but many of them don’t diet.

In order to maintain a healthy weight, you do not have to starve yourself.

There are certain things you can do to literally have your cake and eat it too. The 15-day diet plan is a thorough guide that shows you everything you need to know so you can lose 15 pounds in 15 days.

Besides losing 15 pounds in two weeks the 15-day diet plan takes things a step further. It will show you all the tips and tricks that many fitness models and dietitians use to keep you at a healthy weight without starving and suffering from food cravings.

15 Diet Guide

What is the 15 diet guide (Di.et)

The short answer is the 15 diet guide is literally like having a personal trainer and dietitian at your side 24/7. The guide shows you what you need to do to lose 15 pounds in 15 days, it gives you fitness tips, food suggestions, and a personal step by step training guide.

In my review, I will tell you everything you should know about the 15 day diet plan to help you make an educated decision if it is right for you.

The 15 Day Diet Plan (Die.et) is a scientifically proven way to help you lose weight in 15 days. Most diet guides make things complicated Di.et has simplified things into 5 easy to follow guides. The media is delivered in an electronic format so you can download it to your smartphone, tablet or computer.

The 15 day Di.et Guide shows you everything you need to lose weight and keep it off!

Some people will say that there is nothing scientific about weight loss, in a way there is. While there are a lot of people who are overweight, there are just as many who are not. How many times have you known someone who eats all the time yet never gains weight, some of it has to do with metabolism and genetics but a lot has to do with how, when, and what you eat.

I have dozens of friends who eat a lot of stuff they shouldn’t, yet they maintain a healthy weight. The 15 day diet plan shows you everything you need to lose 15 pounds in 15 days and keep it off.

Some of us are under a lot of stress and because of our jobs and hectic lifestyle, we are not in tune with our body.

For celebrities and models, it’s easy, they hire a personal trainer and a nutritionist who tell them how to train and what to eat. The 15 day diet plan combines 28 years of experience from health and fitness professionals that know all of the secrets to successful weight loss.

The 15 day diet guide includes 5 guides

  1. Introduction guide
  2. Diet guide
  3. Workout guide
  4. Supplement guide
  5. Maintenance guide

The introduction guide explains how to maintain a 15 day commitment and ensure you stay focused and how to overcome food cravings. It keeps you on track with everything you need to lose weight during the two week period and beyond. It will help you overcome obstacles and prevent failure.

The diet guide will show you the best foods to eat to speed up your metabolism and help you start burning fat. There are many well-known strategies that help burn fat but most of these are not well known.

The diet guide explains the value of calories and why not all calories are the same. When losing weight it is important that you understand the power of macronutrients and superfoods that will help you burn more calories.

Workout guide we all know that exercise is important but how many of us have spent countless hours on an elliptical or treadmill but still can’t seem to lose weight. The workout guide shows you how to train smart and explains how you can double your results with proven exercises.

In the guide, you will learn about the SAID principles and how to train smart. The guide comes with an easy to understand workout regimen that you can do at home or at your local gym. The workout guide is like having an expert personal trainer by your side every step of the way.

Supplement guide this shows you everything you need to know about dietary supplements. There are dozens of dietary supplements sold so it is important to know what supplements work the best during.

Many times people take supplements that can be counterproductive and actually cause you to gain weight. The supplement guide shows you what supplements can help boost energy and ensure you have the right nutrients while losing weight.

Maintenance guide after losing weight many people suffer from a harsh rebound and end up gaining back the weight they lost. The maintenance guide prevents this from happening.

Di.et shows how how to enjoy your favorite foods without gaining back the weight.

Essentially this guide helps you maintain a practical balance to help you maintain a healthy weight and if you choose to stick with the guide help you lose even after the two week period.

As you can see the complete 5 set diet guide covers everything you need to achieve your weight and fat loss goals. Everything is covered and nothing left out. If you are still not convinced take a look at a sample document below. It contains clips from all 5 sections.

Does the 15 day diet guide work?

The 15 day diet plan is not another scam product, many diet guides set you up for failure most do not even have a refund policy. The 15 day diet plan is serious about helping you lose weight.

The company backs its product with a full 75 day money back guarantee. There are many REAL customer testimonials from people who used the products and lost weight.


Who should consider the 15 day diet guide

The 15 day diet plan can help anyone who wants to lose weight, burn fat and lose inches. I initially began using the 15 day diet plan as a quick weight loss method, what I found was that over time, it became a long-term solution to lose more weight and keep it off without a struggle.

15 day Diet Guide before and After Photos

15 day diet guide pros and cons


  • Lose 15 pounds in 15 days
  • Shows you all the tricks that dietitians and fitness trainers use
  • Improve your overall health
  • Can be loaded on to all your favorite devices smartphone, tablet computer
  • Instant delivery
  • Eliminate fat and cellulite
  • Just like having a personal dietitian 24/7
  • Lose weight and keep it off


  • Only available for electronic delivery
  • Should not be used by pregnant women or those under the age of 18

The only real drawback by some may be the fact that no hard copy is available but the electronic guides print well. So if you need a hard copy it can be easily printed on any printer.

15 day diet guide price

The 15 day diet plan cost $45.00 and you can download it immediately after purchase. Di.Et comes in several different languages that include English (US) (AU) (UK) (CA) Italian, French, Spanish, and German.

Where to buy

The 15 day Di.et guide should only be purchased from the official Di.et website, this will ensure you receive a legitimate product along with the money back guarantee in the event you are not completely satisfied with the product.


The Di.et 15-day diet guide offers everything you need to lose 15 pounds in 15 days, there are no gimmicks, all you have to do is follow the guide. It’s not hard and it’s actually a fun experience because of the way everything is put together it makes losing weight simple

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