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Benefits of Zinc

4 Amazing Benefits of Zinc

We have all heard that certain foods can help benefits your immune system, and the truth is there are so many healthy foods that you can eat that are not only good for your health they can help boost zinc levels. Unfortunately, most people don’t get enough of those foods.

In this article, I will tell you why zinc is important for your immune system, how you get your daily allowance of zinc is up to you, eating zinc-rich foods is one way but there are also so many good supplements that contain zinc.

Zinc helps prevent the body from spiraling out of control.

What is Zinc?

Zinc is a trace mineral people need in order to maintain good health. Of all trace minerals, zinc is second to iron as far as concentration levels. It is involved in several aspects of cellular metabolism and it is required for catabolic activity in enzymes.

Zinc is essential for both men and women, in fact, women should ensure they are getting adequate amounts when pregnant and breastfeeding, children need zinc for development during adolescence.

Something else most people don’t realize is that zinc has a positive effect on taste and smell.

Benefits of Zinc

1. – Zinc for boosting sex drive

Zinc is found in so many supplements because it can have a positive effect on boosting sex drive, oysters have long been considered an aphrodisiac food 3 ounces of cooked oysters contain 74 mg of Zinc. Besides most of the health benefits zinc offers everyone, zinc benefits for men help boost testosterone which is important for men who may be struggling with poor sex drive.

2. – Shorten the life of a cold

Some studies suggest that taking Zinc in the form of supplements or lozenges within 24 hours of having cold symptoms can lessen the duration of a cold.

Zinc can help wounds heal faster and reduce inflammation this is because all of your immune responses are affected by zinc.

Zinc helps boost your immune system and makes it more responsive, a zinc deficiency can slow down the healing process of wounds.

3. – Macular degeneration

Some studies have shown that age-related macular degeneration can slow down the progression of eye disease.

4.- Strengthen immune system response

One of the most common reasons we hear about zinc is because it is one of the best nutrients the body can utilize when it comes to immune system defense. A strong immune system can defend our body from many ailments, a weakened immune system leaves your body vulnerable and if it stays that way for too long out body cant fight off viruses or infections.

How much zinc do you need?

There is a baseline of how much zinc is recommended by a person and by their age, these doses can vary from person to person, as a general rule adult men require 11mg of zinc per day. Women require 8mg of zinc, however, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding require about 12mg. There is a guide provided by the National Institute of Health of dietary supplements which gives complete information and recommended doses.

Getting Zinc from Food

If you have a healthy diet you probably get enough zinc but if you don’t you are probably deficient. There are many foods that are rich in zinc and foods that most people should be eating to stay healthy.

There are several foods that are rich in zinc, most meats including beef, pork, and lamb. 100 grams of beef contains approximately 4.8mg of zinc. Most shellfish contain high amounts of zinc, 100 grams of Alaskan crab contains 7.6mg of zinc, oysters are one of the highest sources of zinc.

Legumes are another source of zinc these include lentils, pinto, and black beans.

Dairy foods also contain zinc these include eggs kefir yogurt and ricotta cheese.

What to do if you have a zinc deficiency?

Obviously, the best way to get zinc is from natural food sources, however, if you feel you are zinc deficient, dietary supplements that contain zinc can help. The problem is finding one that is reasonably priced and meets your daily requirements. There are dozens of zinc supplements sold, some are made specifically as a dietary supplement to help boost your daily zinc intake while others are made to help boost your immune system.

Zinc supplements that boost your immune system usually come in the form of lozenges and often have additional ingredients that are not only made to boost your immune system have other ingredients that can help soothe your throat these extra ingredients may include rosehip and acerola.


Getting the recommended amount of zinc in your diet is important for anyone who wants to maintain a strong and healthy immune system, if you feel you don’t have a healthy diet you may want to consider supplementing it with supplements, during the cold and flu season making sure you get enough zinc is important, while it may not prevent your from getting sick it may reduce the symptoms and the duration of a cold or flu.

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