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Krill Oil Benefits

Krill oil benefits are better than regular fish oil?

Health enthusiasts are crazy over Omega 3’s these days, but what are they, where do they come from and why are they so good for you?

Omega 3 fatty acids are called “essential” because our human bodies do not manufacture them naturally and we must search elsewhere for them in order to receive their benefits.

Krill Oil Benefits - Krill Oil Capsules

Luckily for us, these Omega 3 fatty acids are readily available in fish and aquatic plant life. If you do not eat a lot of fish you can buy a supplement, usually fish oil or krill oil.

If our bodies don’t see fit to manufacture this particular fatty acid then why should we be concerned with obtaining it?

Unfortunately, our bodies are prone to diseases and conditions like arthritis, depression, and heart disease.

Omega 3’s are thought to reduce inflammation throughout the body which makes them beneficial to many medical conditions.

People with Rheumatoid Arthritis have reported that taking an Omega 3 supplement has reduced their pain and stiffness.

There have even been studies to suggest that Omega 3’s can have a positive effect on things like depression and ADHD.

Prenatal nutrition for women carrying babies usually includes some type of Omega 3 supplement as well. It is good for early neurological development and vision development in fetuses.

One of the most often talked about Omega 3 benefits is heart health. You can reduce your triglycerides (fat in the blood) which lessen your risk for heart attack.

According to sources like WebMD and The Mayo Clinic, physicians have recommended these supplements to patients who had previously suffered a heart attack in order to reduce the risk of a second attack.

Krill Oil – Your Best Omega 3 Supplement

With so many options, how can you know what the best way to get your daily intake of Omega 3’s is?

While consuming fish and taking fish oil have been the long-standing favorites in the Omega 3’s department, there have been some recent concerns with the toxic mercury levels in many types of fish.

That is why more and more people are turning to Krill Oil.

A krill is a tiny shrimp-like creature that is abundantly found in oceans. Krill oil has a better absorption rate and is a more powerful antioxidant than fish oil.

Because krill oil is absorbed by your body differently than fish oil, you will not get the dreaded “fish burps” that some users of fish oil complain of.

Woman’s World Magazine reported: “Krill oil is so potent; women who took it for three months reported a 51% boost in energy, alertness, memory, concentration, and stamina in a recent Canadian study.

And almost 100% described having a greater sense of well-being and happiness — plus a 31% reduction in aches and pains!”

There are many companies that sell Krill oil, Krill oil production is similar to that of Omega 3 fish oils,  there are only a handful of producers that produce Krill oil that sell to other companies which then relabel the product under their own brand name.

The same goes for Krill oil. One of our favorite Krill oils is one sold by Evolution Slimming which still maintains its quality and a good concentration of real Krill oil.

Cynthia Conner

Cynthia is a contributing author to her passion is health and weight loss. As someone who has struggled with her own weight issues. 

Cynthia now shares her personal experiences from different dieting methods and reviews some of her favorite supplements that have helped keep her keep her weight under control.

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