Nopal Cactus

Nopal Cactus Benefits for Health

The Nopal cactus (also known as prickly pear cactus) is usually found in Mexico but it is grown in other countries such as Asia, Africa, and many European countries.

The Nopal cactus is an inexpensive food source and can be accompanied by any dish, its made up of mostly water and low in calories.

100 grams of fresh nopal cactus has only 16 calories, plus its loaded with healthy phytochemicals, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are healthy and can benefit anyone’s health.

If you think that its fruit was only used in the last couple of decades you are wrong.

The ancient civilizations living on Mexico’s territory have already realized that they can use the Nopal cactus fruit for various healing purposes.

People around Mexico also say that the Nopal fruit was a noble food, consumed by warriors and elite members of the ancient tribes and civilizations.

Even nowadays they think of it as a noble, special fruit to eat.

As a natural habitat for the Prickly pear cactus, Mexico is the perfect place for it to grow.

This is because the soil contains all of the necessary minerals and nutrients needed for optimal growth.

Health benefits of the Nopal Cactus

Reduce blood sugar levels

Nopal cactus has bee shown to help people suffering from type II diabetes, this is because it has been clinically proven to help lower blood sugar levels.

Consuming nopal cactus can help reduce the absorption of sugar and cholesterol in the intestines and stomach.

Some clinical studies have shown that eating nopal cactus can reduce blood sugar levels anywhere between 17%-45% and can maintain normal blood sugar levels if consumed daily.

Treat symptoms of an enlarged prostate

Some research has found evidence that eating the flowers from the nopal cactus may reduce symptoms of having an enlarged prostate, these can include frequent urination and the feeling of bladder fullness.

Cholesterol and heart health

Some early studies have shown that eating nopal cactus leaves can lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels in people who struggle with high cholesterol.

Nopal Cactus for weight loss

Several studies have shown that nopal cactus can have an effect on weight loss, in fact, in Mexico, popular breakfast drinks are sold that contain blended nopal cactus with a small amount of orange juice, celery and half of the lemon.

Many popular weight loss supplements contain nopal cactus in their formula.

People who consume this drink daily seem to be able to maintain a healthy weight.

It appears that nopal cactus can also act as a diuretic, the benefit of nopal cactus is that it reduces water without depleting the bodies minerals which is a plus for those looking for a safe way to lose weight.

Reduce hangover symptoms

The fact that nopal cactus is rich in nutrients it may be able to soothe and reduce some of the symptoms of hangovers.

Nopal cactus has Vitamin A, C, E, iron, calcium, and carotenoids which may help reduce inflammation in the body.

Helps the body eliminate fat

In one 3 month investigation (clinical trial) 1the nopal cactus fiber showed positive benefits of binding fat to dietary fibers in the cactus helping reduce absorption by the body.


Nopal cactus makes a great food dish but it is also found in many supplements for losing weight, controlling blood sugar levels and lowering cholesterol.

Before taking any supplements we always recommend you speak with your doctor for medical advice before using any dietary supplements.


Cynthia Conner

Cynthia is a contributing author to her passion is health and weight loss. As someone who has struggled with her own weight issues. 

Cynthia now shares her personal experiences from different dieting methods and reviews some of her favorite supplements that have helped keep her keep her weight under control.

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