Women in Zumba Class

Zumba The Solution for Weight Loss

Zumba is the new exercise craze. It is a Latin word that loosely translated means to move fast and have fun. It is an aerobic dance routine that most enjoy so much they forget they are exercising.

Some Zumba classes also incorporate small weights into the class, for a dance or two. These weights increase the calories burned but also tighten and tone muscles.

On average a Zumba class burns between 600 and 800 calories. Of course, working harder burns more and being a sloth you would burn less.

Women in Zumba Class

An average Zumba class lasts approximately an hour from warm up to cool down. In that hour (depending on the instructor) you will try a little bit of plenty of Latin dances.

You will get a taste of salsa, mambo, rumba, flamenco and sometimes some hip hop as well. Each of these dances is fast moving, forcing the body to burn calories.

There will be periods of rest, and a chance to grab a drink of water, so be sure to bring a water bottle with you.

Zumba is also done in almost circuit style workouts. Most songs are of average intensity, with a few slower moments to allow your heart rate to slow down, and you to catch your breath.

There is also moments of intense cardio, this brings up your heart rate quickly, and increases your calorie burn.

Circuit style workouts have been shown to not only burn more calories during the workout but also keep your fat burn up for long after you are finished.

This means, while you are showering or driving home later, you are still in the fat burning zone.

When you take a Zumba class, you learn an exercise routine to music. After learning the routine it is possible for you to just go through the routine yourself, at home.

The music is songs easily and readily available to anyone, not special dance music like a Tango.

This discipline of learning the routine transposes into discipline in other parts of your life.

Because Zumba is a social activity a lot of dieters find that they stay with the program longer.

Meeting new friends and looking forward to seeing them at class again next week drags a lot of people to the gym on days they’d otherwise not go.

It is also not your typical go to the gym, get on a treadmill next to someone else with their earbuds in and count down the minutes until you can go home. Zumba is fun.

You can see results in your dancing, perhaps even before you can see it in your weight loss. While trying to improve your dancing you will automatically be burning more calories and losing weight.

If you need to see a class before you take part, look online to find a lot of happy people dancing around burning calories.

Don’t be disheartened by how good they look, soon you will be dancing just as good as them.

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